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  1. Adopt a Charleston County Boat Landing!
    The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission maintains boat landings throughout the county that offer recreational access for boaters, paddlers, and others. To ensure clean and beautiful waterways are available to the public, it is important to make sure fishing line and other trash do not foul propellers, entangle swimmers, or kill wildlife.

    By adopting a landing and helping us keep it clean, you will be protecting families and wildlife, not only near the boat landing, but throughout the area’s marshes and beaches.

    Apart from the satisfaction of knowing you are protecting families, sea turtles, dolphins, seabirds, and others by making your landing clean and safe, your group will complete a worthwhile project as a team in a beautiful location. Your stewardship efforts will be recognized on a sign at the landing and on our website.

    To get started, rally your church, business, youth group, school, or other organization and submit this form! Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you soon.
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    The Battery Point (Sol Legare), Cherry Point, Limehouse, Paradise, Plymouth, Shem Creek, Toogoodoo, and Wappoo Cut landings are currently adopted.

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