Wiltown Community Center

Wiltown Community Center is a family-oriented, community-administered recreation area providing services for the surrounding Adam’s Run area located in Charleston County, South Carolina. Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission (CCPRC) is working in cooperation with the Wiltown Community Center to renovate and expand the recreational facilities available in Adams Run. 

A steering committee comprised of CCPRC representatives and Wiltown Community Center officers guided the development and approval of the final site plan. The commitment to universal accessibility and durability of park features that require minimal maintenance were some of the main driving design elements when refining the plan. 

Construction Notes

Final Site Plan elements include:

  • A 3000 sq. ft., colorful playground with a thoughtful design to accommodate use for people of all ages, along with a mix of accessible surfaces and playground features, and a sensory panel. In addition, a swinging bench and a covered picnic table will also be constructed near the playground. 
  • A 50’ x 74’ combination basketball/pickleball court with an accessible pathway to the court and the adjoining 12,000 sq. ft. grass multi-purpose activity field.
  • Widening and re-surfacing the main road and adding two additional parking areas making it safer and more accessible to the park features. 
  • New accessible pathways to the new and renovated park features.
  • Major renovations to the outdoor shelter: existing bathrooms will be renovated to ADA standards; a third bathroom will be added off the catering kitchen; HVAC will be installed for the restroom and catering kitchen area; a new roof will be installed; wall height will be extended; and a new catering kitchen will be equipped with stainless steel work tables/countertops surfaces, stainless steel service carts, two sinks, a full-sized insulated heated holding/proofing cabinet, and a microwave and condiment cabinet station.
  • New 10’ x 10’  grill pad area near the outdoor shelter with (1) ADA stainless steel grill.
  • Additional landscaping using native plantings.

Digital rendering of a playground sensory board

Digital rendering of a playground

Aerial digital view of the planned park area for Willtown Community Center