Old Towne Creek County Park

Old Towne Creek County Park, located on Old Towne Road in West Ashley is a 67-acre former estate dotted with open fields mixed among groves of Live Oaks. It offers views of South Carolina’s first English settlement at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site and the winding Old Towne Creek and surrounding salt marsh. 

For a number of years, the site was known as Ashem Farm and was home to Charleston preservationist Emily Ravenel Farrow and her St. Andrews Riding Academy.  

Mrs. Farrow established a conservation easement with the Historic Charleston Foundation to protect the property from future development. After her death in 2011, Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission purchased the land. The easement stipulates that the site must provide public benefits, such as scenic views, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation, education, and historic preservation. Mrs. Farrow’s actions have ensured that future generations of people and wildlife would be able to enjoy all the resources Old Towne Creek has to offer. 

Our hope is to create a welcoming space for all that includes accessible trails and boardwalks, scenic marsh views, a nature-inspired playground, and opportunities to learn about the site’s history and ecology.

Phase I Development  

In Phase 1 of park construction, work will include interior and exterior renovations of one of the former buildings; roof replacement of existing stable buildings; construction of a new restroom/pavilion building; a new maintenance building; boardwalks, fencing, and gates; a paved vehicular entry and deceleration/turning lane on Old Towne Road; a pedestrian entrance; parking areas, concrete sidewalks and paths; crushed stone pathways; lush landscape areas; wayfinding signage; natural and cultural history interpretation signage; a small amphitheater; playground; site lighting; installation of water and sewer services; IT infrastructure; and the reconstruction of an existing impoundment for wildlife habitat enhancement.

Latest Update

September 18, 2023

The creation of the new Old Towne Creek County Park is making good progress. A construction entrance is being created along Old Towne Road and informational banners are going up that will include renderings of the park. Work will soon start on repairs to the existing dike. In addition, preliminary groundwork is being done for the gas, water, sewer, electrical, and IT lines. Be sure to keep checking back for more updates. 

Birds-eye view of the master plan for Old Towne Creek County Park

Digital rendering of a future office building, covered shelter, playground and walkways

Digital rendering of a walkway, entrance and covered shelter

Giving Tree

Another unique aspect planned for the park is the creation of the Charleston County Parks Foundation Giving Tree, an outdoor art installation that allows people to purchase a custom engraved leaf or other adornments that will be placed on the installation to recognize loved ones while supporting the mission of the Foundation. Pre-sales to the public start May 16, visit our Giving Tree page for more information.