Parks & Recreation For All!

The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission (‘CCPRC’) is a “Special Purpose District,” originally established by the South Carolina State Legislature in 1968. CCPRC’s primary function is to create and operate countywide parks and recreational programming, and provide technical assistance to other park and recreation agencies and community groups. The range of experiences and places offered within the CCPRC system make it one of the most diverse and innovative park and recreation agencies in South Carolina. 

"Parks and Recreation For All!" (PARFA) is CCPRC's comprehensive plan for parks, recreation, open spaces, facilities, and trails. This plan, developed every ten years, is the guiding document for CCPRC's park system planning in Charleston County, and identifies opportunities for facility, program, and organizational enhancements, as the agency continues to uphold its reputation among residents. The PARFA Plan was informed by a collaborative process with CCRPC staff, residents, and other stakeholders.

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Plan Process

Timeline and Schedule

This plan was conducted in four phases beginning in November 2021, with the initial kick-off meeting in December 2021. The process included CCPRC Staff meetings and CCPRC Commission meetings, Steering Committee meetings, a Public Workshop series, extensive Community Surveys, and both Internal and External Focus Groups.

This plan helps CCPRC to:

  • Understand existing agency resources and assets.
  • Gather community and staff input about needs for programs, parks/facilities, and services.
  • Establish goals and priorities for programs, parks/facilities, and services.
  • Recommend strategies to accomplish those goals.

Focus Areas

The PARFA plan process was guided by five focus areas. The process used these focus areas to provide a thoughtful approach for understanding, analysis, visioning, and the creation of system-wide goals and strategies that benefit and respond to the needs of all.

A lifeguard teaches a little girl how to swim.


Our parks provide high-quality experiences to all.

A CCPRC employee demonstrates a bow and arrow for a man.


Our parks reflect our changing and growing communities.

A CCPRC employee showcases natural resources while teaching a program virtually.


Our parks celebrate and respond to our dynamic environment.

A man walks a trail at Palmetto Islands County Park.


Our parks connect our communities to nature and to each other.

Two CCPRC employees service an HVAC unit at a Charleston County Park property.

Organizational Health

Our parks commission is dedicated to providing exceptional performance in service of our communities.


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