Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve

Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve is located at the northeastern terminus of Folly Island and adjacent to Cummings Point. Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve played a significant role in the Civil War and was also used throughout the twentieth century by the US Coast Guard. It is the perfect spot for viewing the Morris Island Lighthouse, surf fishing, beachside strolls, wildlife observation, and photography. The site also offers many diverse birding opportunities and is a regular site for organized bird walks.

In addition to oceanfront land, Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve contains marshland and maritime forest habitats that are home to diverse species of plants and animals. Portions of the property are nesting sites for threatened loggerhead sea turtles and threatened Wilson’s Plovers. Some of the grounds are also migratory stopover areas and winter roosting sites for threatened and endangered Piping Plovers. Plans are in place for protecting these habitats.

No pets are allowed due to the sensitive nesting habitat.

  1. Hours
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  • Open daily, sunrise-sunset

Please be aware that no restrooms or concessions are available at the site.