About Us

The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission operates over 11,000 acres of property, including regional parks, beach parks, a historic plantation site, landmark fishing piers, waterparks, boat landings, a climbing wall, a challenge course, an interpretive center, an equestrian center, cottages, a campground, a marina, and event facilities. We also offer a variety of recreational services – festivals, camps, classes, programs, and more. 


The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission will improve the quality of life in Charleston County by offering a diverse system of park facilities, programs, and services.


To be distinguished as a nationally accredited and financially sustainable park and recreation agency through our commitment to preserving our natural, historical and cultural resources, offering a clean , safe, and exceptional visitor experience that is accessible to all.

Core Values

Our core value efforts ensure a thriving park system for our children and grandchildren:

  • Community Enrichment - Enabling lives through education and programs
  • Stewardship - Preserving and conserving cultural, natural and historical resources
  • Fun - Delivering fun to customers
  • Diversity & Inclusion - Creating a park system that reflects the diversity of our community 
  • Accessibility - Removing barriers to make programs and facilities accessible for all 
  • Quality - Striving for quality throughout the park system
  • Health & Wellness - Providing and promoting healthy lifestyle opportunities
  • Exceptional Customer Service - Always focusing on you
  • Safety - Ensuring safe and secure environments
  • Leadership - Providing professional staff development
  • Building a Legacy - Maintaining a vision for the future while sustaining a healthy park system

Organizational Structure

Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission organizational chart


The Charleston County Park, Recreation and Tourism Commission was created in 1968 as a county special purpose district by an act of the South Carolina legislature. The original act was amended in 1972, authorizing the commission to promote Charleston’s historical and tourist attractions, to create and operate countywide parks and recreation facilities, and to provide technical assistance to existing park and recreation agencies and community groups. In July 1985, the commission’s tourism function was transferred to the Charleston Trident Chamber of Commerce and the commission was renamed Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission. We represent one of the most diverse park and recreation agencies in the State of South Carolina.

The agency has specific areas of responsibility that are defined through our legislative act. The commission is charged with the responsibility to provide park and recreation services, but not to duplicate services provided by the other municipalities and special recreation districts existing in the area.  As a special purpose district, we are a separate governmental entity and not a department or division of Charleston County Government, nor the State of South Carolina. As a special purpose district, Charleston County Government is not involved in our overall direction or management; however, Charleston County Council does have budgetary oversight of our tax-related budget.

One of the prime responsibilities of the Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission is the development of a countywide park system. These parks are generally of a size and scope that would not be developed by other municipalities and public service districts. The park system emphasizes passive activities, outdoor recreation, environmental education, and public beach access. Each park facility offers a variety of programming generally directed toward the natural features and characteristics of the site. Our staff and commission are committed to maintaining high standards in the delivery of leisure services and facilities to the citizens of Charleston County.