Dog Parks

Practice Good "Petiquette"

Dog Park Do's

  • Leash and unleash your dog in the double gated entry/exit area. Leashed dogs may experience anxiety, fear or defensive posturing when approached by unleashed dogs.
  • Monitor your dog for inappropriate behavior. Handle any conflicts with kindness and good manners.
  • Remember that this is a dog “playground.” Please watch your children closely; dogs and children both frighten and excite easily – and react differently – which can create a dangerous atmosphere.
  • Be prepared for behavior you may not like that is natural and not necessarily aggressive. Examples include growling, barking, charging, humping, posturing, play biting, curling of lips and wrestling.
  • Keep your leash in-hand at all times so that you’re prepared to enforce a “time out” and remove your pet from the park if he misbehaves.

Dog Park Don'ts

  • Don't pick up or carry your dog or child, as this sometimes causes excitement in other dogs who may jump up and nip at them.
  • Don't bring your dog’s favorite toy if he doesn’t like to share.
  • Don't bring puppies or dogs to the dog park before they have had ALL their vaccinations.
  • Don’t bring newly adopted dogs to the dog park before you get to know them, their personality and their demeanor toward other dogs and people.

Please Remember

Not all dogs like to socialize. If your dog is timid or aggressive, leave him at home for his safety and enjoyment. Also, puppies and dogs who haven't been socialized with other dogs don’t always understand canine body language and other warning signs and can unknowingly provoke undesirable and/or aggressive behavior in other dogs.