Nature Stewardship Fund

The Nature Stewardship Fund is focused on preserving, protecting and managing the natural resources throughout the Charleston County Park system for the enjoyment and benefit of the citizens of the Lowcountry for years to come. A donation may honor the birth of a child, express sympathy upon the death of friends or relatives, or celebrate a milestone in a loved one's life. For each contribution, a card representing the occasion is mailed to notify the recipient family of the gift.

Key Focus Areas

  • Stono River County Park - Contributions made to the Nature Stewardship Fund helped to restore the native ecology of the big island at Stono River County Park. This project included the planting of 100 native bare-root seedlings along with 60 indigenous trees and shrubs (including Sandy Live Oak, Eastern Red Cedar, Native Azalea, Yucca, Dwarf Palmetto, and Green Saw Palmetto). This work helped to foster trees that are indigenous to South Carolina and will provide habitat and food for pollinators and birds. 
  • Funds are currently being accepted for the preservation and reforestation of McLeod Historic Plantation Site and Old Towne Creek County Park.