Natural History Group Interpretive Programs

Call 843-762-8059 for more information or to book your group of 6 or more people.

Master Naturalist Sampler

Join the lead instructor of our very popular master naturalist course as he leads your group to reveal hidden worlds within diverse lowcountry habitats. We’ll watch for wildlife activity including blooming flowers, singing birds, fruiting fungi, and much more. 

  • Fee: $220 per group

Caw Caw Night Hike 

The world after dark is alive with opportunities to experience creatures not ordinarily out in the day. We’ll focus on the amazing adaptations of nocturnal animals and challenge our senses to experience life at night. 

  • Fee: $130 per group

Nocturnal Noisemakers

Have you ever wondered about noises in the summer night? Come with us and learn some common nighttime sounds as well as the techniques that animals use to make them. We’ll listen for owls, frogs, insects and others and shine a light on some gators and spiders along the way.

  • Fee: $130 per group

Now Hear This

Our area is home to many species of vocal animals including frogs, insects, and birds. Together we will discuss these animals in detail as we learn to recognize the many daytime sounds of the Lowcountry.

  • Fee: $130 per group

Lowcountry Plants & Wildflowers

Feast your eyes and cameras on the blooms of Caw Caw’s mosaic of habitats. From orchids to oak trees, we’ll discuss the interesting lives of some common plants, including some medicinal and edible ones.

  • Fee: $130 per group

Animal Sleuthing 

Animals leave clues of their presence everywhere, but it can be difficult to recognize the evidence. Learn to read animal activity through analyzing tracks, beds, runs, nests, feathers and so much more. 

  • Fee: $130 per group


As with many venomous groups of animals, relatively few spiders are life threatening to humans. Learn how to identify some common species and what makes them so important to the ecosystems they inhabit. 

  • Fee: $130 per group

Frog Speak 

Our area is host to over 20 species of frogs, and they are a quite a vocal bunch! Join us as we identify frog calls and discuss some of their interesting life cycles and habits. 

  • Fee: $130 per group


What can fly backwards, forwards and do loop-to-loops with the grace of a ballet dancer? Come join us as we explore the fascinating world of dragonflies. 

  • Fee: $130 per group


Investigate the world of the most diverse group of animals on the planet with a multi-media presentation and insect hunt. We will capture, observe, discuss, and release as many six-leggers with exoskeletons as we can catch. 

  • Fee: $130 per group


If you appreciate the beauty of butterflies, then you will want to come to Caw Caw to learn about some life cycles, favorite food plants, and how to attract and identify common species. 

  • Fee: $130 per group

Monarch Watch 

Monarch butterflies are the subject of a tag and release program. Join us for an overview of the program, discussion about monarch biology, and then assist in tagging a butterfly or 2. 

  • Fee: $160 per group

The Life of a Beach 

Beaches are in constant motion. Tides, wind, waves, and other factors change the beach scape seasonally, daily and hourly! Learn to recognize these patterns and the effect they have on myriad animals living there.

  • Fee: $130 per group

Seashells by the Seashore 

Stroll along local shores and search for treasures from the ocean. Learn to identify some different types of shells and the organisms that call them home.

  • Fee: $130 per group


Do you ever go to the beach and wonder what creatures are out there in the surf, what they look like and what part they play in the food web? Help us pull a seine net in the surf and discuss what we find. 

  • Fee: $130 per group

Caw Caw Bird Walk 

Caw Caw Interpretive Center has tremendous diversity of birds because of its incredible variety of habitats. Taking a walk with an experienced birder is a great way to experience many of the song birds, waterfowl and birds of prey that call Caw Caw home or pass through on migration. 

  • Fee: $160 per person

Winged Workout 

Beginning birders who appreciate birds and would like to know more about them can benefit from learning time-tested tips and techniques. Get a jump-start into the world of birding by learning to recognize many South Carolina birds while covering the basics of song identification, bird behavior, and binocular use. 

  • Fee: $130 per person

Bird Trips 

South Carolina is loaded with birds of all shapes, sizes, colors, and life histories. Plan a field trip to prime birding locations throughout our region with our birding specialists for a full or half day. Adult groups only. Must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance of program date. 

  • Fee varies. Call for details.

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