Johns Island County Park Rules

The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission has Agency Rules and Regulations (PDF) that establish uniform procedures for the administration of activities within all parks and facilities. In addition to the established agency rules, the rules set forth below also govern Johns Island County Park.  

Charleston County Parks are family-friendly facilities, and we expect all guests to behave accordingly. By participating in or utilizing park programs and facilities the user agrees to abide by all payment schedules, park and program rules and guidelines, and agrees all others participating will also abide by such rules. Usage is subject to compliance with all laws and facility rules and the user consents to reasonable examinations and searches to ensure compliance. Failure to comply with the law or facility rules may result in refusal of admission or expulsion.

Uneven surfaces, potentially hazardous wildlife, and weather extremes are part of the natural environment. Be prepared and stay aware.

  1. Stay near your children and watch them carefully
  2. No alcoholic beverages allowed except in designated areas with an approved application.
  3. Smoking, vaping or tobacco use is prohibited at Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission owned and operated facilities, programs and events (to be implemented during the winter of 2024).
  4. Fireworks, drones, and other dangerous projectiles are prohibited.
  5. Firearms are not allowed inside of buildings on park property. Permit holders are allowed to carry outdoors on park property. 
  6. Pets must be kept on a leash, cleaned up after, and under control at all times. For their safety, pets may not be left in vehicles.
  7. Profanity and disruptive behavior are prohibited.
  8. Amplified sound and music must be kept at low volume and free of explicit lyrics.
  9. Do not feed, harass, destroy or remove plants, animals, or artifacts.
  10. Please stay on marked trails and paths
  11. Freshwater fishing is available in some areas of the park. Fishing in tidal creeks requires a valid saltwater fishing license. More information can be found on the SC Department of Natural Resources website.
  12. All users of any canoe, kayak, boat, or paddleboard must wear a personal flotation device at all times.
  13. Hunting, swimming, and metal detecting are prohibited
  14. Camping is prohibited without an approved reservation.
  15. Fires allowed in fire rings and approved cooking grills only.
  16. Use of confetti, glitter, and water balloons and the release of balloons is prohibited.
  17. Park in designated areas only. Motorized vehicles permitted on designated roadways only.
  18. Activities involving sales and solicitation require written approval from park management.
  19. Access may be restricted due to special events, land management projects, or park maintenance.


Trail Rules and Etiquette

  1. Follow trail etiquette when passing other trail users:
    • Equestrians may access all trails.
    • Pedestrians may only access trails within the yellow trail loop.
    • Pedestrians and cyclists must yield right of way to horses.  Stop to allow horses to pass, then continue.
    • Cyclists yield to pedestrians.
  2. Pack out all litter.
  3. No bicycles allowed on equestrian only trails.
  4. No motorized vehicles or golf carts allowed on trails.  


Archery Rules and Etiquette

  1. No crossbows permitted.
  2. NO BROADHEADS! Field tips only.
  3. Archers shoot only from the marked SHOOTING LINE. “Walk-up” shooting is not allowed.
  4. Spectators or archers waiting their turn to shoot must remain behind WAITING LINE.
  5. Nock arrows only after the shooting area is cleared and shooters are on the marked shooting line.
  6. A command of “LINE HOT” means that shooting is starting.
  7. A command of “CLEAR” or “PULL” means STOP shooting and retrieve arrows. Archers must communicate commands with all archers on the shooting line.
  8. Never shoot arrows up in the air or in any direction away from the targets.
  9. Shoot only at provided targets. No personal targets are allowed.
  10. Do not hold the line up looking for arrows.
  11. Anyone under the age of 16 must be under the supervision of a responsible adult.
  12. Johns Island County Parks’ guidelines also apply to all guests.  



Local law enforcement and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources have jurisdiction at this facility.

Please lock your vehicle and remove valuables from view. CCPRC is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property.

Park fees, operating schedules, and hours are subject to change without notice.