Do you have an ATM available?
There is not an ATM located onsite, however credit cards are accepted at most locations.

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1. Is the festival open on Christmas Eve and Christmas?
2. Traffic Alert & Alternate Routes
3. May I walk or ride my bike around the festival?
4. Where do I park if I want to get out and look around?
5. Do you have an ATM available?
6. Can I bring my own marshmallows and roasting sticks for the marshmallow roaster?
7. How many times may I drive through?
8. I'd like to bring my group out to the festival. Who should I call?
9. What rules do you have for tour bus groups?
10. What are your busiest nights?
11. What is the festival radio station?
12. May I bring my dog?
13. Are the gift shops open during the day?
14. Do you rent wheelchairs?