Recreational Program

The recreational program offers a way for youth novice climbers of all ages to develop skills and build self-confidence and stronger climbing skills in the new climber. In a socially fun and relaxed atmosphere, climbers experience the challenge of rock climbing, practice new techniques, and learn the importance of fitness and sportsmanship.

Climbers spend time with our coaches focusing on topics of safety, fundamentals of climbing, footwork, core development, and stretching. We specialize in individual attention for each climber on our team. Everyone will get a chance to grow and shine in our program.
A group of kids smile for the photo as they prepare to climb the wall.

Little Monkeys

(Ages 6-8) It’s never too early to start climbing. This program is designed to expose young climbers to a fun activity. Members learn about basic climbing safety, movement, and equipment. Most importantly, they will have fun!

Wall Crawlers

(Ages 9-11) This program will further develop a young climbers skill and understanding of the sport. Members will learn belaying, basic conditioning, and stretching and climbing movement.
Young Climber on the Wall
Program Details
  • Maximum Team Size: 12 members
  • Fall Season: September - November
  • Winter Season: December - February
  • Spring Season: March - May
Contact the Climbing Coordinator by email or phone at 843-762-8090.