Parks & Recreation For All!

Charleston County Parks has begun a comprehensive planning process to map out the next 10 years. Known as “Parks & Recreation for All!” (PARFA), the plan will build upon our original 2013 “Parks for Tomorrow” plan.

Our goal is to create a blueprint to guide capital improvements, land acquisition, events, programs, and amenities. The result should be a roadmap for our growth and development. 

Public Engagement Opportunities

Public engagement with residents, visitors, and nonprofit and public partners plays a vital role in the planning process.

Clipboard Icon with checkmarksJuly Public Survey

Our online survey (that was open from July 6 - August 19, 2022) is now closed. Thank you to all who contributed their thoughts to this process! 

Icon of people in a public meeting sharing ideasJuly Public Workshops

In-person and virtual public workshops were held throughout the Lowcountry during the month of July 2022. We'd like to thank all who participated in our workshops!

Icon of two people and a gear above their headsFall 2022: Knowledge Sharing

We'll host a series of meetings to share what we've learned and the next steps involved in finalizing and putting into action the 2023 Parks & Recreation for All plan.