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Special Event Interest Form

  1. This form is for one-time use only and does not constitute an agreement between CCPRC and the applicant. No matter the size of your event, you must fill out this form and adhere to the following rules and guidelines to host events within our park system. In order to be considered, forms must be submitted no less than 3 months and no more than 24 months prior to the event date. Those seeking to host reoccurring events must submit a new form for each event. By completing this form, you agree that if approved, your event and its participants will abide by all the rules and guidelines established by CCPRC for the park facility at all times in addition to the following rules and guidelines.
  2. Rules & Guidelines
  3. I understand that this is simply an event request form and does not reserve or guarantee availability of a CCPRC facility/shelter.*
  4. Your organization/participants will pay any applicable fees. (e.g., gate admission, facility/shelter rental, staffing, equipment rental, etc.)*
  5. A nonrefundable usage fee will be charged for any group intending to allow, distribute, or consume any form of alcoholic beverage. Some facilities do not allow alcohol. The sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited.*
  6. Your organization will acquire any necessary municipal permits required by the city in which you are having your event.*
  7. CCPRC will determine if vendors will be permitted at your event. Vending booths must be pre-approved by CCPRC. Types of vendors might include but are not limited to food, drink, souvenirs, and sponsors. If vendors are permitted at your event, CCPRC may charge vendors a minimum of $50 for a booth space.*
  8. Only CCPRC's park location may be listed on event promotional materials. The CCPRC logo or image should not be reproduced in any way.*
  9. The event will occur during the normal park operating hours.*
  10. Vehicles will not be permitted to drive anywhere except in designated areas.*
  11. Live or amplified music of any type must be noted in this form and approved before the event. Music and noise must be kept at reasonable levels as to not disrupt other facility patrons.*
  12. Please be as detailed as possible and include any attachments or promotional items that might better explain the purpose of your event.
  13. Is your organization a charity or non-profit organization?*
  14. Is your event a recreational activity?*
  15. Are you having live music at your event?*
  16. Will you be fund-raising onsite at your event?*
  17. Will your event have alcohol?*
  18. Please be as detailed as possible in explaining how you plan to accept donations.
  19. This includes but is not limited to: set-up, break-down, parking, etc. These services must be agreed upon with Park personnel prior to the event.
  20. This includes but is not limited to access to electricity, water, etc.
  21. In submitting this form, you agree to the criteria and rules listed above and certify that all provided information is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
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