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Custom Paddlesports Program Request Form

    • Don’t see a class that meets the specific skills you are looking to learn?
    • Scheduled class times aren't convenient for your schedule?  
    • Do you have a group that you would like to book together?

    If any of these questions apply to you, then you’re in luck. We can design custom classes for individuals or groups to meet exactly what you are looking to learn and at a time that works into your schedule. Submit this form and we will work to develop a custom learning experience for you.

  1. We ask for 3 weeks advance notice. Should your group need to come within the next 3 weeks, we cannot guarantee availability.
  2. What timeframe(s) are you considering?
  3. If you checked "Other," please explain.
  4. Thank you for your interest in a custom paddling program!
    Before submitting this form, please be sure your contact information is correct. You will be contacted by a member of our Outdoor Recreation staff.

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