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Challenge Course Facilitator Reference

  1. The following individual has applied for work as a facilitator on the Challenge Course for Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission. We are requesting that you complete the following in reference to your knowledge and relationship to the applicant. The information you share is confidential and will only be used as part of our screening process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Roger Greer at 843-762-8035.
  2. What is your connection to the applicant?*
  3. Have you ever observed the applicant leading or teaching in a group setting?*
  4. Communication*
    How would you describe the applicant's communication skills?
  5. Decision-Making*
    How would you describe the applicant's decision-making skills?
  6. Leadership*
    How would you describe the applicant's leadership skills?
  7. Listening*
    How would you describe the applicant's ability to listen?
  8. Dependability*
    How dependable is the applicant?
  9. Honesty*
    How honest is the applicant?
  10. Teamwork*
    How well does the applicant work with others?
  11. Problem-Solving*
    How would you describe the applicant's problem-solving skills?
  12. Is there anything that you are aware of that would interfere with the applicant's ability to lead a group?*
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