Traffic Alert & Alternate Routes
During this busy time of year, Charleston County Parks would like the public to know of alternate routes to the Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island County Park:

From Folly Road (SC 171), turn right onto one of these roads: Camp Road, George L. Griffith Boulevard, or Grimball Road. Then, turn right onto Riverland Drive, and then make a final left turn into the festival.

The park is at 871 Riverland Drive.

The majority of vehicles traditionally come from other roads, so to decrease your travel time we suggest taking these different routes.

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1. Is the festival open on Christmas Eve and Christmas?
2. Traffic Alert & Alternate Routes
3. May I walk or ride my bike around the festival?
4. Where do I park if I want to get out and look around?
5. Do you have an ATM available?
6. Can I bring my own marshmallows and roasting sticks for the marshmallow roaster?
7. How many times may I drive through?
8. I'd like to bring my group out to the festival. Who should I call?
9. What rules do you have for tour bus groups?
10. What are your busiest nights?
11. What is the festival radio station?
12. May I bring my dog?
13. Are the gift shops open during the day?
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