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Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission Skatepark Site Moves to New Location

[CHARLESTON – Sept. 17, 2013] – The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission (CCPRC) is moving the agency’s skatepark project to a new location in Charleston. The new skatepark will be constructed at 1593 Oceanic Street, a 26-acre site with 3.3 acres of highland located in the Charleston Neck area. The property is adjacent to I-26 and overlooks the Ashley River marshes. To the north is the proposed Magnolia Development.

CCPRC is currently studying the site with a skatepark design team during the due diligence period. The anticipated closing is in approximately 90 days; however, contract stipulations may extend this time period.

The former proposed site of the skatepark was on Meeting Street, close to where I-26 meets the Ravenel Bridge. Due to various constraints on this property, which is owned by the South Carolina Department of Transportation, CCPRC felt it would be of best interest to seek an alternate location for the future skatepark.

"The vision of the project from the beginning has been to have a world-class skatepark,” said CCPRC Executive Director Tom O’Rourke.  “We can't have a world-class skatepark without the site to accomplish this."

"Now, we have the site, the contract has been signed, and the design team has begun their work. We think if everything goes well, without any interruption, we could be skating by the end of next summer."

The skatepark’s design/build team is focused on creating a cost-efficient, quality, safe and durable skate recreation facility that meets the needs of the community. Construction of the park will be led by Hightower Construction, who has over 50 years of experience ranging from projects for Boeing to the City of Charleston and Charleston County.

Design and construction of the “skate-able” elements of the skatepark will be conducted by world-renowned design group Team Pain. Team Pain is a company comprised of accomplished skateboarders with over 30 years of experience in creating custom facilities and structures for a variety of agencies world-wide, including municipal and government agencies, communities, private sectors and professional skateboarders. With their use of modern design principles and unrivaled craftsmanship, this company has constructed successful park projects from Colorado to Florida. Team Pain aims to design a one-of-a-kind facility in Charleston that will be of “regional quality” size, in hopes that the park will also attract skateboarders from outside of the state. Regional quality-sized skateparks are categorized as the largest parks (25,000 square feet or more) in a region that provide a full spectrum of skateboarding opportunities with the capacity to potentially host large groups.

Also playing an important role in the design and planning of the skatepark will be SGA Architecture, LLC, an award-winning firm of experts on shaping the natural and built environment. SGA has worked on numerous projects with CCPRC and the City of Charleston, including the James Island County Park playground design, and design of the streetscape for the Ravenel Bridge ramps. Other engineering professionals will also be part of the expert team involved in the park’s planning.

Skatepark advocates Pour It Now have been major players in the skatepark idea coming to fruition, from its original conception. For more information on Pour It Now, visit

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