Santa Binoculars

We're keeping a watchful eye out for the big elf himself, Santa Claus! With our special Santa Binoculars, the whole family can have fun looking out for Santa to load up his sleigh and dash away!


  • Two toilet paper rolls 
  • Red paint
  • Black felt
  • Cotton balls
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Paint the 2 toilet paper rolls red and let them dry completely.

Once dry, glue the two rolls together.

Two toilet paper rolls painted red

Cut a 1 ½ inch think piece of black felt 12 inches long.  

Glue the black felt around the two rolls. 

Black felt on top of two red toilet paper rolls

Unroll and fluff cotton balls. 

Glue the cotton balls around one end of the toilet paper rolls.

Fluff being added to the Santa Binoculars

Cut a ribbon 30 inches long. 

Glue the ribbon on the opposite side of the cotton. 

Ribbon being added to the Santa Binoculars

Now it’s time have fun looking for Santa! 

Little girl holding Santa Binoculars