Elf House

Palmetto is in the market for a nice, new cozy place to call home after a hard day's work at the workshop. Will you help him build the elf house of his dreams? 


  • Elf House Building Permit (downloadable PDF)
  • Dead natural materials (sticks, rocks, fallen leaves or flowers, moss, etc.)
  • Twine or other natural rope material (optional)


Download and print our Elf House Building Permit linked in the supplies list above. Have each participant read and sign the permit.

Elf House Building Permit Picture

Pick out a spot in your yard where you'd like to build your elf house! Be sure it's in a safe area, away from traffic and any potential natural hazards (poison ivy, ticks, snakes, etc.).

Gather your natural materials. The best part about each elf house is that no two will look completely identical since it's all about what you can find in the comfort of your own yard! We recommend looking for any small branches, sticks, or rocks to build the base of your house. Then, more lightweight items such as leaves, flowers, moss, etc. help to add more details to your elf house. We ask that you do not disturb any plants that are still living. 

Start by building the base of your house, which can be any shape or size! For our example elf house, we started with sticks to build out a 'foundation' and 'walls.' You may find that you need some natural twine or rope to secure the branches of your house together.

Boy building an elf house

Now that you have the foundation of your house built, use the other lightweight items (such as leaves, flowers, moss, etc.) to add in the details to what makes your elf house special. Maybe Palmetto's new house needs a roof made from leaves that fell from a palmetto tree! Or maybe you want to add in some holiday spirit with red and green colored flowers to line the front door! The possibilities are endless!

Remember to use your imagination and be creative! Your elf house will be unique to you and your home, so have some fun with it!

Boy smiling with elf house

Other elf house examples:

Sticks made into an elf house

Sticks made into an elf house

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