Folly Pier Construction Media Room

Wide shot 2

The new Folly Beach Pier opened to the public on Dec. 26, 2022, and was dedicated during a ceremony on March 1, 2023. 
This page is for members of the news media. Please see the links below for documents, images and video of the pier, all courtesy Charleston County Parks.
For general information on the Folly Beach Pier, please visit:

Press Releases
Opening press release (PDF)
Pier Fact Sheet
Dedication press release 

Folly Beach Pier photography - taken December 2022
All photos are high resolution and courtesy Charleston County Parks. Click links to view and downloadFrom beach

Wide shot 1
Wide shot 2 (photo above)
Wide shot 3
Wide shot 4
Wide shot 5 (photo at bottom)
Wide shot 6
Wide shot 7
From deck
From parking lot
From water
From beach (photo above right)
From beach access
Walkway (photo at right middle)Walkway
Walkway from above
Diamond Head 1
Diamond Head 2
Diamond Head 3
Diamond Head 4
Diamond Head 5
Pier 101 1
Pier 101 2
Chairs on deck
Fishing stations
Side shot 1
Side shot 2

Photo gallery on SmugMugWide 5

Folly Beach Pier video - taken December 2022
Click here to download (MP4)

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