Old Towne Creek County Park

Thank you to all who attended the public information and input meeting for the master planning of Old Towne Creek County Park property. The public meeting presentation is available online (PDF). It contains background information about the property, its protective conservation easement, and maps constructive to CCPRC’s planning process.

Please review the presentation, and take a survey about your desires, needs, and concerns for this county park.
Old Towne Creek County Park is a 67-acre park site located at 1400 Old Towne Road in West Ashley, immediately south of Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site. The property was acquired by CCPRC in 2011 for use as a county park. Formerly known as “Ashem Farm,” the property was cleverly named by and for its previous owners Ashby Farrow and Emily Ravenel Farrow (who was affectionately known as “Miss Em”). The park property may be remembered by many as the former home of the St. Andrews Parish Riding Academy.

Prior to her passing in 2011, Miss Em chose to conserve the majority of the property in perpetuity with a conservation easement held and monitored by Historic Charleston Foundation. The conservation easement limits the development of new buildings, roads and lighting; maintains natural buffers along Old Towne Creek and Old Towne Road; and maintains the general cultural and natural integrity of the property. There are opportunities for park improvements; however, they are limited and guided by the conservation easement. The master planning process for this park is guided by a steering committee, which includes representatives from CCPRC, Historic Charleston Foundation, Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site, Lowcountry Land Trust and the City of Charleston Department of Parks.

Initial work on the site has involved site surveys and ecological and cultural studies. Upcoming work by CCPRC will include the compiling of site reports and developing, finalizing and adopting a master plan by the fall of 2017.

Use of Old Towne Creek County Park is currently limited to special events and private rentals, but the park will have regular hours following the development of park facility improvements recommended in the final adopted master plan. Park development is expected to commence in 2018.