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Friday, March 26


  • 8-9 a.m. Coffee, check-in at registration/trip meeting area
  • 9-9:30 a.m. Meet the coaches and plan the day
  • 9:30 a.m. Depart to learning venue
  • 4:30 p.m. Return to park
  • 6 p.m. Dinner at McLeod Plantation Historic Site

Class Descriptions

Fitness Paddling for the Ages

We are not getting any younger.  Don’t let an injury side line you this season. No matter what our age we need to look to the future where our bodies can keep up with our passion to paddle. Come explore how are body, boats and blades are linked and use them to not only be efficient but to use them to promote safety to last a lifetime. (Morning, Half-Day Class)

Surf For Enjoyment

For any level kayaker, we will use anything available from Sit on tops, SUP’s, sea kayaks and even a giant SUPsquatch to put a smile on your face.  Our aim is to have fun splashing around in the surf on any craft that you want to try.  This is a great confidence builder through play! (Morning, Half-Day Class)

Rescues & Recoveries: Laying the Foundation 

Since when does a rescue go according to plan?  A paddler's ability to improvise comes from a strong foundation of the basics as well as have the freedom and encouragement to be creative.  Let’s build off a strong foundation and then have fun finding efficient and effective ways to reenter boats that can be repeated in a variety of conditions.  We may even come up with some originals. (Afternoon, Half-Day Class)

Boat Handling Tune-Up 

Work on skills and drills as well as get personalized feedback and analysis of your strokes and boat control.  We will work in a variety of venues to tune up your skills for the season.  Leave with a sense of confidence in your abilities but more importantly with an action plan for purposeful practice you can do on your own to keep the learning going well after the event. (Afternoon, Half-Day Class)  

Group Management & Leadership on a Journey

We have no shortage of great journeys available to us in Charleston. We will start with creating a plan based on the goals and abilities of the group.  Contingency plans will be imbedded to allow those more adventurous to push on and others to focus on the what’s important to them closer to home.  We will have multiple trips going to ensure that the journey meets your goals, interest and fitness desire for the day. (Full Day Class)

Long Boat Surf: Beyond Being Surfed

Tired of broaching and being surfed by the wave? Take back control of your kayak, and learn to go where you want to go with comfort and control on the wave. (Full Day Class)  

What Do You Want on Your Journey?  

We'll enjoy a day on the water with top coaches and local paddlers to get a historical view of some of the great journeys in Charleston, as well as some top tips along the way. This day is designed for you! (Full Day Class)

Night Paddle

Check out all the lights from Charleston Harbor, one of the best local venues to night paddle. Test your knowledge of aides to navigation by interpreting all the lights on the water and what they mean in determining where you are. (Evening Class)

Assisted Rescues & Towing

While sound decision-making skills are our best defense, we are all between swims. Strengthen your confidence and speed in your assisted rescues to aide others. This will be a modified experience, taking into consideration social distancing. (Morning, Half-Day Class)

Tidal Current: What Moving Water Can Do for Us

Learn to enter and exit the current with confidence and control. Cross eddy lines and work on other skills such as ferrying and rescues in tidal current. (Morning, Half-Day Class)   

Single Blade for Sea Kayakers

Change crafts and change your perspective. Many paddlers improve their paddling skills by changing crafts and experimenting with how other boats and blades work. Spend the day messing around on SUPs and canoes to gain dexterity and a different perspective on concepts of paddling with a single blade.(Morning, Half-Day Class)

How Did You Do That?

If you are considering going down the instructor path, chat with the Coaches in this open forum closing session regarding coaching philosophy, goal setting, decision-making, constraints-led approach, and more. (Afternoon, Half-Day Class)