Symposium Fee

  • Single day: $175 per day
  • Full weekend: $495


  • Register online
  • Register for a single day or for the full-weekend. 
  • Registration includes Friday night dinner.

Once registered, we will contact you directly to help you customize your experience. You'll choose from full or half day topics that meet your intended goals and objectives. This event is structured to ensure a student-centered experience.

How Do you See Yourself?

  1. Into the Salt
  2. Ocean Improver
  3. Ocean Explorer

You self-identify as a fair-weather paddler who is looking to increase your enjoyment of and efficiency with paddling.

Environmental Comfort Zone  

  • Winds 10 knots or less
  • Waves less than 1 foot
  • Traveling 1-8 miles

Potential Teaching Venues

  • James Island County Park Lake 
  • Folly River
  • Stono River 
  • Charleston Harbor

Topics Covered

  • Forward Stroke Refinement
  • Strokes & Maneuvers
  • Learning to Edge your Kayak
  • Impact of tides and currents on the paddler
  • Introduction to Rolling (optional)
  • Self and assisted rescues


Please email Joshua Hall, Outdoor Program Manager