East Coast Paddlesports Symposium

March 29-31, 2019 at James Island County Park

The 29th annual East Coast Paddlesports Symposium is a three-day immersion in the history, technique, hands-on experience, and fun of kayaking. Paddling enthusiasts will not be disappointed. We have taken the best parts of this event and modified the format to offer a more diverse and student-centered experience in the number one city in the U.S.

  1. Getting Started in the Ocean
  2. Ocean Improver
  3. Ocean Explorer

You identify as a fair-weather paddler and are looking to increase enjoyment and efficiency on the water.

Your Environmental Comfort Zone

  • Winds 10 knots or less
  • Waves less than 1 foot
  • Traveling 1-8 miles 

Topics We'll Cover

  • Forward Paddling
  • Turning Strokes
  • Lateral Strokes
  • Support Strokes
  • Intro to Rolling
  • Assisted & self-Rescues
  • Navigation Basics (Dead Reckoning)

Possible Teaching Venues

  • James Island County Park Lake
  • Folly River
  • Stono River
  • Charleston Harbor

After being matched with 5-8 paddlers of similar skill and interest, your group will rotate through top instructors throughout the symposium. Your group leader will be a local instructor who can provide area knowledge and logistics throughout your time with us.