Petiquette (pet i ket) noun [Slang] acceptable behavior and manners for pet owners and their pets, especially in shared or public spaces such as dog parks.
  • Do monitor your dog for inappropriate behavior. Handle any conflicts with kindness and good manners.
  • Don't bring people food or dog treats into the dog park. dogs may show undesirable behavior in the presence of food.
Dog Posing for Picture
  • Did You Know...You are supposed to leash and unleash your dog in the Double-gated entry/exit area? Mixing leashed and unleashed dogs can create a hostile situation.
  • Do remember, this is a “dog” playground. Please closely watch your children. dogs and children both frighten and excite easily - and react differently - which can create a dangerous atmosphere.
  • Don't pick up or carry your dog or child as this sometimes causes excitement in other dogs that may jump up and nip at them.
  • Did You Know...Leashed dogs may experience anxiety, fear or defensive posturing when approached by unleashed dogs? Please unleash your dog upon entering.
  • Do keep the park clean by picking up an unclaimed “pile” and stop dogs from digging. And keep an eye on your dog so you know when to clean up his piles or holes.
  • Don't let your dog poop in the water.
  • Did You Know...You can keep water runoff clean by picking up poop and not using soap/shampoo to wash your dog at the park?
  • Do play and interact with your pet while here. Exercise is good for humans too.
  • Don't bring puppies or dogs to the dog park before they have had ALL their vaccinations.
  • Did You Know...Young puppies should not be here because they Don't understand canine body language and can unknowingly provoke undesirable and/or aggressive behavior in other dogs?
  • Do be prepared for behavior you may not like that is natural and not necessarily aggressive. Examples include growling, barking, charging, humping, posturing, play biting, curling of lips and wrestling.
  • Did You Know...Not all dogs like to socialize? If your dog is timid or aggressive, leave him home for his safety and enjoyment.
  • Do keep your leash with you so you’re prepared to enforce a “time out” and remove your pet from the park if he misbehaves.
  • Don't bring your pet’s favorite toy if he Doesn’t like to share.
  • Did You Know...Spaying or neutering your pet will not only decrease pet overpopulation but will also make your visit a more pleasant one?
Safety Tips To Know Before You Go
Provided by Bark Busters Home dog Training:
  • Observe: Consider visiting the park without your dog for the first time to familiarize yourself with the park and the dogs that play there.
  • Start Out Slow: On your first few visits to a dog park, choose a time that is less busy; peak, high traffic-times at parks are weekday evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Consider Size: Keep to areas appropriate for your dog’s size; if you have a smaller dog, take your pet to the park designated for smaller dogs.
  • Closely Supervise Your dog: Don't roam too far from your pooch. Don't get distracted talking to other pet owners. Make sure your dog’s interactions are safe.
  • Know When to Leave: Remove your dog from the park if he is being bullied or seems fearful, displays aggressive behavior or threatens other dogs, or if he is panting heavily or seems tired. Keep your dog’s welfare a top priority.
  • Preventing Injury: Prevent injury to yourself and your dog and react appropriately. Be aware of signs of a possible fight before it happens. If your dog injures a person or dog, provide your name and number to the injured party and notify park staff. Bring the contact information of your emergency vet and your cell phone to the park in case you need it.
  • Responsibility: Be a responsible pet owner overall. Use common sense - clean up after your dog, make sure your dog stays enclosed inside the dog park, Don't let him or her intimidate others. It’s up to you to make the difference in everyone’s experience.
  • Have Fun! Your Charleston County dog parks are a great way for you and your dog to relax and let yourself go. Don't forget to enjoy your visit.