Swim Safe Lowcountry

Water is everywhere in the Lowcountry, and during the hot summer months many of us flock to the ocean, pools, and other waterways. We're having fun, but we also need to prepare for the inherent risks of the water. Learn how to swim, and choose to swim in pools or beach areas that are patrolled by lifeguards. As one of the most important recreation skills that Lowcountry children and adults need to learn, we want swim lessons and other water safety information to be as easily accessible as possible so that no one misses out. Help us make Swim Safe Lowcountry Charleston County’s first stop for information on Lowcountry swim lessons and water safety.

Lifeguard on a chair looking out over the Whirlin’ Waters waterpark wave pool

Lifeguarded Public Facilities

Charleston County is home to many public pools, waterparks, and beaches that are guarded by American Red Cross-certified lifeguards on a seasonal or year-round basis.

Swim instructor teaching a young child how to swim

Swim Lessons

Learn more about local recreation departments and other organizations who offer water safety and swimming instruction.

Lifeguard in a chair at the beach speaking to a young boy

Water Safety

Before you head out to any body of water, whether it’s the ocean or your own pool, take the time to learn safety techniques and heed all precautions.