Core Values

Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission is committed to a set of Core Values. This effort ensures that we leave some blue up above and some green on the ground. Adopting these important values also ensures a thriving park system for our children and grandchildren.
  • Community Enrichment

    Enriching lives through education and programs
  • Fun

    Delivering fun to customers
  • Leadership

    Providing professional staff development
  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Always focusing on you
  • Quality

    Striving for quality throughout the park system
  • Safety

    Ensuring safe and secure environments
  • Health & Wellness

    Providing and promoting healthy lifestyle opportunities
  • Accessibility

    Providing accessibility through affordable options and a variety of offerings
  • Diversity

    Fostering diverse populations of vendors, employees, and customers
  • Stewardship

    Preserving and conserving cultural, natural, and historical resources
  • Building a Legacy

    Maintaining a vision for the future while sustaining a healthy park system