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Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission
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Boat Landings


Boat Ramp

Body of Water


1. Pierpont*

Church Creek

West Ashley  [Directions]

2. Remley's Point

Wando River

Mount Pleasant  [Directions]

3. Paradise*

Wando River

East of the Cooper  [Directions]

4. Steamboat

Steamboat Creek

Edisto Island  [Directions]

5. Wappoo Cut

ICW Elliott Cut

James Island  [Directions]

6. Battery Island (Sol Legare)

Stono River

James Island  [Directions]

7. Folly River Landing

Folly River

Folly Island  [Directions]

8. Riverland Terrace (Plymouth)

ICW Wappoo Creek

James Island  [Directions]

9. John P. Limehouse

ICW Stono River

Johns Island  [Directions]

10. Cherry Point

Bohicket Creek

Wadmalaw Island  [Directions]

11. Bulow

Rantowles Creek

West Ashley  [Directions]

12. Martins

Edisto River

Parkers Ferry Area  [Directions]

13. Penny Creek Landing*

Penny Creek

Wilton Area  [Directions]

14. Willtown Bluff*

Edisto River

Adams Run  [Directions]

15. Dawhoo Landing

ICW Dawhoo River

Edisto Island  [Directions]

16. Shem Creek Landing

Shem Creek

Mount Pleasant  [Directions]

17. Gadsonville*

Copahee Sound

East of the Cooper  [Directions]

18. W.O. Thomas Jr.

Ashley River

North Charleston  [Directions]

19. Toogoodoo Landing

Toogoodoo Creek

Edisto Island  [Directions]

*  Due to a variety of constraints, launching standard size watercraft from these locations is not recommended.  The launching of kayaks and canoes is more appropriate.  (Caution should be exercised at all public boat ramps.  Tides, currents, and natural conditions can greatly affect usage of ramps at any time.  Serious drop-offs are present at low tide.


These properties are under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement. Failure to abide by posted rules is grounds for ticketing, arrest and/or towing at owners expense.
Boat Landing Rules & Regulations
  1. “Pack it in, Pack it out!” This litter control program is based on visitors taking from the boat landings all of the trash they brought with them. The cleaning and disposal of fish/shrimp/crabs/oysters at the landing is prohibited. * Except for DNR oyster shell collection sites.
  2. Abandoning or parking vehicles, boats, trailers, or other equipment on the premises of any boat landing for a period of more than 72 consecutive hours is prohibited and shall be removed, at the owner’s expense, in accordance with Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission policy. (Charleston County Ordinance 14.5-4)
  3. Consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants is strictly forbidden and local ordinances are enforced by police.
  4. A transaction of any commercial type on the premises of any boat landing is prohibited.
  5. Obstructing a boat ramp, “make ready” area, “tie down” area, or tying to a floating dock for more than 15 consecutive minutes is prohibited.
  6. Utilizing the boat landings for the storage, loading, or transportation of construction equipment or materials without authorization from the Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission is prohibited. (Charleston County Ordinance 14.5-4)
  7. Utilizing the parking areas of any boat landing solely for the customers of any for-profit business is prohibited.
  8. Using any boat landing to advertise a boat, vehicle, trailer, or other equipment “for sale” is prohibited. (Charleston County Ordinance 14.5-4)
  9. On weekends and holidays, vehicles without boat trailers are prohibited from parking in spaces dedicated for boat trailers.
  10. Swimming at any boat landing is prohibited.

If a structural or maintenance-related issue arises that warrants attention at any one landing, please call 795-BOAT for assistance. You may also write to the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission, Att: Boat Landing Supervisor, 861 Riverland Drive, Charleston, SC 29412.


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