Steven Henkind

Steven Henkind has served as a Navigator (Quartermaster of the Watch) and Navigation Instructor on board the Coast Guard’s training ship Eagle since 2007. In this capacity, he stands navigational watches and trains Coast Guard Cadets and Officer Candidates in piloting, celestial navigation, and electronic navigation. He is also qualified as a crew member on the Coast Guard UTB41 and RBS25 boats and has participated in numerous safety and search and rescue missions.

In addition to his time on board the Eagle, Steven is also an experienced offshore sailor with over 20,000 ocean miles (including two transatlantic trips and a second place finish in the Marion to Bermuda Race) under his keel.

Steve is also an avid sea kayaker. He is a BCU 3* Paddler and an ACA L3 Coastal Kayak Instructor.
Steve Henkind