Junior Naturalist

Junior Naturalist Fall 2014
  • Salt Marsh Investigations - September 3
  • Naturally Nocturnal - September 6
  • Barrier Island Exploration - September 13
  • Feathered Friends - September 17
  • Botany Buffet - October 1
  • One Earth -October 8
  • Animal Sleuths - October 18
  • Insect Safari - October 22
  • Freshwater Wetland Discovery - October 25
Kids enjoying the Junior Naturalist program.
Junior Naturalist is a hands-on program for kids that is the counterpart to the popular certified Master Naturalist program for adults. This pint-sized version immerses children in their natural environment, teaches them how to make a difference, and is loads of kid-friendly fun!

Children ages 8 to 12 are invited to become a Junior Naturalist through hands-on science discovery, journaling, and art to encourage children to have fun while learning about the natural world.

Kids who attend 6 out of the 9 programs offered September through October will be certified as Junior Naturalists!

Registration & Fees Questions
For more information on the Junior Naturalist program, call Caw Caw Interpretive Center at 843-889-8898.

*Charleston County residents contribute to the development of our county park system through property taxes, therefore a discounted rate is available to them.