Master Naturalist Program

Man teaching some women in the Master Naturalist program.
Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission and Clemson University offer the Certified South Carolina Master Naturalist program for people interested in understanding and protecting the state’s valuable natural resources. Master naturalist candidates complete a 13 day field study course led by a variety of experts. Participants will learn skills naturalists use to “read” the natural world while visiting some of the coast’s unique and incredible habitats including mysterious Carolina bays, ancient oyster middens, and dynamic barrier islands.

The Master Naturalist program develops volunteer citizen scientists, conservationists, and educators who can positively impact the natural resources of the state.
  • $625 or $600 CCR*
  • Fee includes 7 field guides, manual, field notebook, hand lens, and transportation to most of the field trip destinations.
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“My understanding of how the natural world collides with humanity grew immensely because of the variety of experiences the Master Naturalist class provided.”

“This class has been an amazing introduction to the ecosystems of the lowcountry. It has given me a lot of tools to continue with personal education, inspiration on topics to more about and also to share knowledge and excitement about the natural world with others.”

“The instructors were outstanding! Their enthusiasm was infectious.”

"I am inspired to follow my dream of becoming an educator, myself. The Master Naturalist course has awakened in me my enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and inspiring kids (of all ages) especially in the natural classroom.”

“The sessions were especially useful in how they generated an inquisitive atmosphere prompting further research.”
“My favorite visit was to Kiawah Island Beachwalker County Park. We saw so many habitats - ocean, beach, salt marsh, maritime forest, etc. The spit and its possible impending development brought home the challenges/dangers facing our area.”

“This has been a great experience - thank you all for organizing and sharing your own knowledge and inspirations with us! I would definitely recommend this program to others.”

*Charleston County residents contribute to the development of our county park system through property taxes, therefore a discounted rate is available to them.

Park fees, operating schedules, and hours are subject to change without notice.
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